We believe it’s essential to long-term and sustainable business growth, that working environments are comfortable, safe and legally compliant, and that they are cost efficient, and capable of adapting to continuous change, whether from technology, financial or business drivers.

Whether you are a multinational corporation, local government body, or an SME in any business sector. We adopt a philosophy that each individual is a vital part of the team, and that every organization can maximise their long-term investment in their people and their workspace.

Our Workplace Consultants will be able to provide you with effective management tools for assisting you to determine an appropriate long-term occupancy strategy. Key decisions on occupancy scenarios can be rendered expediently and with confidence.

The Key Benefits of McNeece Consulting Strategies:
  • Reduced occupancy costs
  • Improved space efficiency
  • Improved productivity and reduced staff attrition and churn rates
  • Best practice space standards and workspace settings
  • Planned flexibility in space use
  • Planned provision for growth
  • Ability to benchmark solutions against others in same market sector

The results of our Workplace Consultancy exercises will recommend where appropriate new working directions, space and activity settings, new technology, and we will assess the impact on the overall space requirements for building(s) under consideration for any given client. The resulting workplace consultancy documentation will also typically confirm the following:

  • Complete menu of workplace settings
  • New workspace standards
  • Organisational model and zoning for floors in any premises
  • Establish who can utilise ‘Flexible Working’ and who cannot, and why
  • Identify where technology will either enable or enhance new working directions
  • Business space demand over agreed timeframes (typically up to 3 years)
  • Business support facilities required
  • Ancillary / localised departmental support space zoning
  • Enhanced filing and storage strategies
  • Occupancy data for best practice benchmarking purposes


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